Homemade Alfredo

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well I'm about to leave for Korea and I realized I had a few files of photos from blogs I forgot to write. This recipe is not my own but the girls, and she got it from her mother. We tried it the exact way we were told (although I yern to tweak things) it was delicious. 

Chop ALL the green onions (by all I mean 1-2)

These are a favorite of mine and pair well with Alfredo. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and look for alternative noodles. (like spinach, black pepper or tomato garlic, my fave from the farmers market.)

We are going to say this is a quarter of a cup.

The smell of these sautéing in a little bit of olive oil is wonderful,

You want them done just before they start caramelizing. (add salt and pepper)

Heavy cream! Beware of expiration dates and be creeped out by the fact ultra pasteurized cream lasts for more than a month!

The girl and I are al-dente people. 

Add the cream slowly and allow to simmer after you give it a mix. 

You want that frothiness because you are trying to cook down the cream a bit so it's thicker. 

Now I love cheese, and Parmesan is just at the top of my list.

I wanted to get a picture of the block before I cut off a chunk for myself. 

Grate your cheese! I like LOTS of cheese.

Add cracked pepper and salt to taste and let the mixture cook down a bit more until nice and thick. 

I tossed the ardent pasta right into the skillet after we turned off the heat.

Give a quick mix and added some more pepper and cheese. 

You want the Alfredo thick and not watery. If it is too watery you didn't cook it long enough. 

Top with some thick slivers of cheese and some fresh cracked pepper (I like pepper) and enjoy!

This was really simple and I enjoyed it. Next time I believe I will add some garlic to the green onion for a bit of a twang. I don't want it to caramelize though because I want that fresh garlic taste. I'm open for suggestions though. 

Kudos entirely to the girl! 
4 Days till Korea!

Eat watermelon, sneak that midnight snack and remember to drink lots of water!

I promise I'm not dead, and I come with Panko Pork Chops!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well finals killed me, but thanks to the recent zombie apocalypse I'm back! And taking an online course...because I enjoy torturing myself. BUT. Mostly I'm trying to find things to keep myself busy, because as of June 29th i'll be in *drumroll* South Korea! For 6 weeks doing international relations and foreign policy classes! I'm so excited! I'll be blogging a lot from Korea, the food will probably be amazing and I want to try my hand at finding some english cookbooks there or maybe even stealing a family recipe or two.

BUT, on to todays wonderful midnight post! This recipe isn't exactly the healthiest, but it was delicious and easy to make.

Simple trick, mix italian bread crumbs with panko. Instant seasoned panko :)


Melt some butter (or margarine or vegan substitute)

Chop some fresh herbs (If you want) I used rosemary

Toss some ground pepper and salt with some parmesan cheese.

Looks pretty to me

We got thin sliced because the other ones looked like they were half fat.

I always wash the meat, it's a habit.

Dip item in your butter mixture (Wow the flash makes my nail polish look black...)

Dip in bread crumb/panko mixture. (Yea that nail polish was green..what the heck?)

Lay out on pan so they don't touch.

Super close up of the deliciousness 

Boyfriend was on dish duty

CORN my favorite

Because these are so thin you can actually bake them at 350 until they are golden brown.

It took I believe a little under half an hour. But always test to make sure. 

Pile them high!

And let them at it! The boy, The girl and The Boyfriend say hi

Looks good!

Ok I had way more corn than this but I wanted the photo to look nice.

...I think they liked it

Now that I finally have time I'll be blogging more, it's time to exercise and get in shape for the summer!

Eat bad things sometimes, make others do the dishes when you cook and enjoy the simple things in life!

Oh and listen to country music REALLY LOUD.

The Challenge

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So at the beginning of this month I decided to start a new healthy eating challenge. It's a little strange, a lot of fun and very amusing. Everyday I decided I would keep to a specific dietary restriction; this is how it started.

Meatless Mondays
Free Food Tuesdays
Gluten Free Wednesdays
Half and Half Thursdays
Trans Fat Free Fridays
Salad Saturdays
Vegan Sundays

It's been an interesting experience to say the least, the first couple of days were fine but I was starting to have a hard time as I got to gluten free Wednesdays. I found myself scouring everything in my apartment with a nutritional label. You would be very surprised what has some kind of wheat in it and what doesn't. Most processed foods dropped right off radar for me. I found a whole new section of the super market; it was filled with new and yummy things like: gluten free cookies, rice pastas, gluten free mac and goat cheese and waffles. (Yes people I said gluten free waffles, apple cinnamon in fact.)

Photo courtesy of: Tracy and Katie's Kitchen

Half and half thursdays was easier than expected, half the day was one thing and half the day was something else. Usually it's vegetarian breakfast and lunch, gluten free snacks and trans fat free or big salad dinner.

Vegan sundays posed a whole new problem I didn't know existed. I had no idea what was considered vegan, and how many apparent variations of vegan there were. I decided to go with the generalized form: no meat, dairy or byproducts of any kind from animals. I found lots of yummy vegan treats at my local campus store oddly enough, but I suppose it's because this is an environmental school and the percentage of vegan/vegetarians is probably triple that of any other university.

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.medicinenet.com

The project has been fun, i've cut my meat consumption in half (Maybe more). I also dropped off most of the overly processed and boxed/canned foods I ate. My fridge is now filled with apples, soy milk, strawberry soy yogurt and vegetables. I buy more organic food, fresh food, rice and whole grain. I snack on carrots, gluten free cookies, and vegan sweet potato chips as well.

This project is changing my outlook on food, but it is not without fault. I get stuck when I go out with the boyfriend and stare at a menu wondering what has no trans fat, what is gluten free or vegan. Sometimes I crave things I cannot eat on specific days and longingly stare at them and think about cheating. Because the truth is that no one would know, but I would. And for some reason that bothers me more than other people judging me about my choices. So far so good, I've found alternative snacks to curb the cravings.

Explaining the project is a bit of a chore, I'm usually greeted with "Why?" Which is the most aggravating question of them all. Why do I need a reason to change my diet and try something new? Why do other people care that I would rather munch on granola than junk food. I am doing this because I want to, I want to be a healthier person and change my view on the super market. Rather going and buying pre-made or just add water food I now cruise the isles seeing the possibilities of tomatoes, cauliflower and bison. (Yes bison, but that's for another post!)

Also, Wednesdays are now 10pm  zumba days! My roomie and I decided it would be fun! And boy can I tell you that it was a work out! She wants to lose some weight and get in shape for Aruba this summer, I want to tone up and slim down a bit. :D We also are trying to pick another day to go do some weight training and cardio. There is a spectacular campus gym we go to that I'm going to miss when I graduate in a year. But for now, we will utilize it to the fullest!

I'll post more recipes and updates soon! I'm blogging for two of my classes which is strange but fun. But I won't let it affect this, because this is my blog (and I love it) I've also got a horse show this saturday so I probably won't be cooking but I should be baking some homemade banana walnut maple bread (My own amazing creation) if all goes well.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day, Single Awareness day and All the Candy is On Sale the Next Day Day.

Song of the post: Whatever we heard at zumba because that bump bump beat is stuck in my head! @_@ I'm going back to country music.

Eat well, remember to laugh at yourself and shake your booty! (Usually while laughing at yourself and your roomie)

Californication! Pt 2

Friday, February 3, 2012

Part two of the amazing California experience:

 Challah French Toast w/ Blackberries

 Homemade Pecan Ice-cream Sandwich
 The New Opera House in Santa Rosa! The Grandparents got to pick out their season ticket holder seats!

Dim Sum! 

 Wild Turkeys!
 A spectacular bracelet from China given to me by my second grandmother.
Roasted Turkey and Red Pepper Crossant Sandwich w/ pickle.
(It was not as good as a crunchy kosher dill.)
 Homemade Scones!
 Awesome Wine!

 Unagi Don! (Roasted Eel over rice!)
 John Muir Exhibit!

 Yummy Lunch from China Town
 I can't remember the name of this rice and fish soup but it was really good.
 Steamed Bao
 The San Francisco View from the Oakland Hills at my Uncles House. 
 Jajamyun! (I will be making this during the semester)

 Organic Ice-cream on a homemade brownie.

 Tinniest can....EVER
 Oh Jet Blue 

Hope you enjoyed the photos of my trip through California! If you have any questions on the food or where I ate/went I can definitely answer to the best of my ability!

So stay fit, enjoy food and travel often!

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